• Three major trends in the future development
    The rapid development of drying equipment is very easy to let us see that the heating method, dry scale in recent years. Look at the future trend of drying equipment, we certainly should have a characteristic of targeted information, in the transfer theory, and to take a rough understanding of the properties of the method to better meet the drying process. All these aspects are drying equipment, drying material is important. In the food industry as an example, you will find, high-tech researchers have developed a variety of food drying equipment, such as cross ventilation drying equipment, roller dryer, vacuum machine, based on pressure of drying equipment, and electromagnetic radiation dryer. Is what we usually say FIR type drying equipment, in fact, it is characterized by the fact that it becomes far infrared into hot, dry food facts. It is very simple structure, effectively saving energy, and dry food with fast speed. All these facts make it one of the best drying equipment to dry the vegetables and fruits. However, another dryer is as everyone knows, we because it makes fast food using microwave energy. In addition, it is characterized by high thermal efficiency, heating uniformity, environmental protection, and the inevitable to maintain the nutritional ingredients of the food intact. Solar energy can also be used in drying equipment, which will be widely used in more agricultural and sideline products. What is worthy of our attention is that the sublimation drying method is frozen in dry meat, seafood, fruit, and even seasoning especially helpful.

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